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GÖD∋ENIGMA is a technology-based company (Fintech) that started off as a company-cluster spin-off. It is set on a clear mission to develop an innovative and breakthrough project within the finance sector. By applying technology and having gone through several years of research, GÖD∋ENIGMA arises as a means of offering platforms, applications and services to allow corporations, business groups, and both banking and financial institutions to operate in a digital world in a fast, steady, simple, agile and safe way.

Our values

Our team

GÖD∋ENIGMA is backed up by a multidisciplinary team of mathematicians, engineers and digital economists.


GÖD∋ENIGMA was created with an innovative vocation and an aim to establish itself on the cutting edge of technology services applied to Supply Chain Finance (SCF) and transactions within the world of the Internet of Things (IoT).


We seek to redevelop complex processes in order to simplify them by applying technology.


At GÖD∋ENIGMA, we aim at implementing ideas with a high business projection and a global application.


GÖD∋ENIGMA develops a platform based on BlockChain which allows its users to carry out safe and steady transactions in private business environments for the purpose of increasing the reliability and traceability of the purchasing and selling processes of products and services. It also provides a technological framework with which to provide supply chain finance services (SCF) by means of several digital mechanisms.
Our platform provides solutions that are also based on BlockChain technology for carrying out transactions in the world of IoT (the Internet of Things).

GÖD∋ENIGMA automates, integrates and simplifies all the bureaucratic and administrative procedures that delay the day-to-day activities of thousands of companies and businesses. This is achieved by handing over to banking and financial institutions the necessary tools to allow to reach potential clients and business groups that perform transactions but have not managed to optimise their operations due to lack of time and resources or to the complexity of their processes. For this purpose we also use system technology based on knowledge (KBS) and expert systems (ES).


Ithium Finance

Supply Chain Finance solutions.

Ithium Finance is a software application that can be integrated on any ERP and allows to:

  1. Finance Purchase Orders
  2. Early payment of invoices
  3. Invoice dynamic discount

Also, every action that takes place in the application is stored, certified and encrypted under the blockchain technology.

Ithium Cert

Ithium Cert is being designed so you can integrate read and write functions into a blockchain without having in house expert programmers or project managers. Through an API, you can save and retrieve data, events, contracts or transactions that you may need to certify to others and that need to be store securely.


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