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Blockchain workshop energy consumption Ithium1000 platform presentation and energy efficiency in blockchain

Friday October 5th 2018|

Last Thursday, October 4th, we participated as speakers in the blockchain workshop organized by ineo (, together with the companies Xesol Innovation (Xesol Innovation), Agalbit (Agalbit) and ledger33 (Ledger33). All the speakers present real projects and current application cases of distributed data technology (DLT Distributed Ledger Technology), whose best known exponent is blockchain. In our case, we announced the Ithium product or platform, based on Hyperledger, and its variant for energy consumption data certification Ithium1000, which we have carried out since June and running in a branch of Abanca (Abanca)

It has been a pleasure to share with the Galician community interested in these technologies, our experience and know-how in blockchain, and demonstrate that they are making applications and solutions at the business level that work and that add value, totally far from what they are. cryptocurrencies or digital currency. We hope to continue collaborating with INEO, the CEP and the rest of the participating companies, in carrying out new projects that seek to use data certification technologies for traceability, energy efficiency and other applications that can benefit from the advantages of these technologies. In what all the speakers agree, is that not everything is valid to use blockchain, and it is important to make a thorough analysis of whether the objective or problem involves the collaboration of entities without trust between them, there is a need to certify a data is safe and immutable and a distribution of the resources and the platform is sought so as not to have the centralized system. Under these premises, the blockchain technology has great potential and presents several advantages, but also has its drawbacks. One of the topics covered in the questions after the talks at the conference, was the impossibility, today to be able to delete the data in the blockchain. This theoretically, would incapacitate the possibility of the right to an oblivion of people, and therefore today could not save personal data in a database blockchain, or anything that could lead to finding out data from a person.

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