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F-PI project under H2020 for energy efficiency GodEnigma will help EcoMT to integrate blockchain technology into energy efficiency projects

Tuesday June 4th 2019|

From GodEnigma, spin-off of EcoMT, we will help the blockchain team of EcoMT to provide consulting services and implementation of blockchain technology. This technology will help energy efficiency projects that reach the consortium to certify consumption and savings.

F-PI, the ideal project to encourage private investment in energy efficiency,
sustainable mobility and self-consumption

The F-PI project "Financing Energy Efficiency Using Private Investments" was presented to the sector on May 30 at an event held at the headquarters of the IDAE (Institute for Diversification and Savings of the Energy), in Madrid.
F-PI is a project funded by the European Commission within the framework of H2020 with the main objective of promoting the development of private investments in energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and self-consumption. Through the actions of this project is expected to mobilize a total investment of 30 million euros in three years.
The partners of the F-PI project are ANESE (National Association of Energy Services Companies), Deloitte, EcoMT and Grup Cerveró.

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