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FAO and bluegrowth event with Ithium1000 energy savings and certifying solution Ithium1000

Wednesday November 27th 2019|

Godenigma's Ithium1000 technology referenced in the FAO event as an innovative solution for the certification of renewable energy generation and CO2 emissions

On November 26 and 27, GodEnigma was present at the hands of Insta Ingenieros on the day organized by FAO and APV (Port Authority of Vigo) as a provider of technology for the management and certification of energy from renewable sources.

In the words of the CEO of Instra, Pedro Pérez, "we may one day be able to produce surpluses of renewable energy in the port of Vigo and begin to dump these surpluses to the general network", in response to questions from the public about whether there is sufficient energy in the river as to supply the port.

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