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GodEnigma collaborates with Microsoft in blockchain event As a technology company, GodEnigma participates helping companies to develop IoT and Blockchain solutions.

Monday March 11th 2019|

Hand in hand with Microsoft and with EcoMT (, we organized in Madrid, at the Microsoft facilities and together with the Microsoft Blockchain team, an event in which we will show some of the latest projects we are working on with these technologies.

With this event, we want to give visibility to our clients, to the projects they are carrying out with us and thus make available to the attending public the problems and challenges that suppose they want to implement these technologies today, as well as the advantages and doors that open us to companies for future business models.

We will have:

  • Javier Gómez, from Microsoft.
  • Rosa María Seoane, manager of communications and smart things of Abanca
  • Ramón Carrera by Naust Marine Spain
  • Elena Gonzalez of ANESE
  • Carlos Botana, Sustainability Director of the Port Authority of Vigo
  • Miguel Pelegero, Director of Business Development at Greenb2e
  • Pedro Pérez, CEO of Instra engineers

The day will be carried on, based on short presentations by the speakers, with a post-session of questions and consultations in a way that generates debate, and is poured into the main barriers and challenges that the public can see when using these technologies. Above all, it is about showing in a practical way what they are for and what they can contribute to the different industries and sectors present in the room.

At GodEnigma, we work with new technologies on a daily basis, testing and developing innovative solutions for the FinTech, InsurTech and PropTech sectors. Thanks to the experience in IoT of EcoMT, a company from which GodEnigma emerges, we have extensive experience in solutions to problems of energy efficiency and communication between machines. If all this, we add the collaboration with large companies such as Microsoft, we get the perfect ecosystem for realistic projects and solutions to arise and implement technology wisely and always with the aim of providing value to our customers.

We leave you the PDF with all the information of the event.

Microsoft IoT and Blockchain event details

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