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GodEnigma & Microsoft Ithium100 Blockchain Supply Finance

Thursday September 3rd 2020|

Our product Ithium100, blockchain approved purchase order financing software and product and service traceability, is now available to all Microsoft Azure customers on their application platform.

Ithium100 has been a reality for more than a year and today it manages financing and operations worth more than € 5ML in various supply chains, working with the main banks.

Microsoft has chosen us as its partner in blockchain and supply chain financing, publishing Ithium100 so that it is available to all those companies that use microsoft azure in their day to day.

If you are a company that seeks to finance orders without waiting for invoices or you want your suppliers to have access to flexible financing and thus guarantee the delivery of your orders on time, please contact us to test the product without obligation.

The main advantages and value that Ithium100 brings are:

- Privacy of your supply chain

- Ability to work with the banks that interest you

- Access to financing with approved purchase order

- Secure and certified traceability in blockchain of all order and financing status

- Notifications of the entire process

- Pay-per-use service model only based on the amounts financed.

Below you can find the link to the Microsoft product page:

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