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GodEnigma with Eusklatel and EcoMT GodEnigma participa con Euskaltel y EcoMT en las jornadas

Thursday October 25th 2018|

On October 22, during the days of digital transformation organized by Euskaltel, the combination between IoT (from the EcoMT project) and Ithium1000 (the blockchain solution from GodEnigma) was presented in Bilbao.

Our CEO, Pedro Pérez de Gabriel, took advantage of the event to talk about the state of maturity of the blockchain technology, as well as the way that is left for this technology to become a reality in business and industrial projects with path and results.

Given this context, and the importance that digitization has in companies, from GodEnigma we see fundamental to apply the blockchain technology to cases of use and real problems, understanding that blockchain is not valid for everything and for any business digital application, but, in the state that is current technology, for a series of cases and specific problems.

Uniting IoT with blockchain, makes perfect sense, since in the area of energy efficiency, it is important to be sure that the consumption data (to give an example) and the savings that occur in companies or facilities, not they can be manipulated by third parties and are in the hands of the participants of the business chains that arise in this regard.

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