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Introduction to the Galicia Metal Asociation of Ithium Finance GodEnigma presents Ithium Finance with Santander and ASIME

Friday February 25th 2022|

Last Thursday 24th, together with ASIME and Banco Santander, GodEnigma presented the Ithium Finance solution for the first time.

The objective of the event was to detail and show the Galician sector of companies associated with ASIME all the alternatives and solutions that companies have today and those to come in the coming months and years.

Together with PwC, Banco Santander, IGAPE and ASIME, GodEnigma participates to provide the technological part. We try to bring our Ithium Finance application to the Galician industrial company, which mainly offers them access to forms of financing to improve the operations and cash flow of companies.
On the one hand, the order financing product was explained, which allows companies to offer their sales orders to financial institutions and banks to receive multiple financing offers on request, when there are still no invoices.

On the other hand, the invoice advance and dynamic discount tool was also described in detail, which favors the interaction between clients and suppliers to make advance invoice payments in exchange for discounts on them.

We also take the opportunity to tell about the next developments and evolutions that the Ithium Finance application will have, which we hope will become a financing market place for companies and new opportunities for financial entities and banks.

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