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Ithium Cert has new certificate Renewable energy certificate for self consumption

Tuesday February 8th 2022|

The photovoltaic installation of Instra Ingenieros (, connected in a self-consumption regime in our offices, has prevented the emission into the atmosphere during the year 2021.

We certify it with the Godenigma Ithium Cert system ( based on blockchain technology, which captures the data from the meters, verifies their origin, compares the emissions with the data from the REE electricity mix ( and records everything in the distributed database developed with Hyperledger technology, discovering an immutable accounting book of energy and emissions.

The week of February 1 to 5, GodEnigma was presenting this certificate at the Silleda energy fair (Enerxétika 2022) where we were able to present and explain the product to numerous companies and entities in the sector.

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