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Ithium100 installed on the Instra supply chain Ithium100, the DLT-based order traceability and certification platform

Wednesday July 31st 2019|

The company Instra Ingenieros, implements the Ithium100 software platform, based on distributed registration technology (DLT), developed by GodEnigma, with the following objectives:

  • Trace and certify the negotiation and acceptance of budgets
  • Trace and certify the shipment, receipt and validation of orders and their partial or total deliveries
  • Make the financing on request of your supply chain of technological products (IoT control systems)
  • Trace the states and changes on financing offers, conditions and cancellation

Instra Ingenieros, through the technology area (In.Tu.In - /) markets various technological products for control systems and IoT (in addition to services). As a result of this commercialization, it carries out long-cycle orders on multi-vendor business chains.

Due to the times and volumes handled, it is vital to have a truthful and certified traceability of the financing, also integrating the system with the ERPs and existing applications in the company, which allow these processes to be connected with billing, order generation etc. .

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