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Ithium1000, technology to certify energy Ithium1000 technology certifies energy origin and energy consumption plus Co2 bonds

Monday November 30th 2020|

Recently from GodEnigma we have launched Ithium1000. A solution based on Ithium, GodEnigma's distributed ledger network, which enables the deployment of distributed applications or smart contracts.

Godenigma's Ithium 1000 technology certifies at the source the generation of renewable energy and the reduction of CO2 emissions in different economic sectors, through “blockchain” technology embedded with IoT platforms and Smart Energy solutions such as OTEA (monitoring and control platform from EcoMT). These are some of the examples of applications already in production:

These three use cases are examples of how the application of technology-based on "blockchain" is integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) applications and with Smart Energy solutions (energy aggregators, Smart grid, ...) providing differential value, guaranteeing confidence in energy transactions and CO2 emissions and in information on compliance with emission reduction targets and change of energy model.

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