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GodEnigma launches Ithium19 App New solution to prevent COVID19 at work

Friday April 24th 2020|

The ITHIUM 19 application is a tool for the prevention and control of COVID19 in companies, by monitoring body temperature and other parameters of the workers. The system is based on the incorporation of activity monitoring bracelets specially designed for this purpose that monitor body temperature, upon express agreement in the work environment and communicate with BLE technology. 

The transferred data is “anonymized”, stored and managed with the Ithium platform based on hyperledger fabric technology (DLT / Blcokchain) that had already been developed by the “Fintech” Godenigma and incorporated into successful commercial applications such as: 


  • Ithium100 (supply chain financing platform on demand in blockchain) that has been in operation for more than 6 months and has already financed on request more than 50 commercial operations.
  • And Ithium 1000 (“tokenization” of kWh and CO2 emissions) destined for the SCF and energy sectors. In poetry since June 2018, having made more than 50,000 entries of KW h and CO2 emissions in its DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies)

Godenigma is currently working on a new version that incorporates the blockchain and “Smart Contracts” to offer the registration, certification and access to data to all members of the Health and Safety management chain in companies and works. , thereby seeking to reduce worthless intermediation and guarantee reliability and transparency.


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