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Renewable energy seminar Ithium1000 energy certifications platform

Wednesday February 5th 2020|

In presentations of the Seminar on Marine Renewable Energies, held in Vigo on February 4, 2020, the Ithium 1000 platform, developed in blockchain / DLT technology by Godenigma, is cited as the solution already available, which can register and certify the generation, the energy demand and CO2 emissions within the projects of hybrid renewable energy generation systems that are being proposed to make the port of Vigo self-sufficient and with zero emissions in terms of demand for electrical energy.

Ithium 1000 would be integrated with other Smart Grid technologies, so that the Port of Vigo could act as Prosumer in the new conditions of the electricity market that are being considered.

The project integrates wind energy, photovoltaic energy, battery storage and different “Smart Grid” technologies, among which Ithium 1000 from Godenigma and OTEA from ECOMT, to enable an adequate integration into the current electricity network and thereby achieve objectives of energy self-sufficiency

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