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speaker at the organized by @R Cable

Monday June 18th 2018|

On June 6 and 7, our CEO, Pedro Pérez Gabriel, participated as a speaker at the "Xornadas de Reflexión Tecnolóxica 2018" organized in Coruña and Vigo by @R Cable. In them, he had the opportunity to present the experience of ECOMT in IoT projects for the management of inventories, energy and all kinds of assets. With success stories for leading clients in different sectors such as Inditex, Gadis, Estrella Galicia, Borgwarner, Naust Marine and Abanca.


In the conference, in addition to presenting the success stories, also deepened in the role that will play new technologies, and in particular blockchain, in the IoT world, and took the opportunity to publicize some of the projects we are developing from GodEnigma for Abanca which consists in the tokenization of energy consumption or CO2 emissions from its infrastructures.

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