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Start-up of Ithium 1001 for the tokenization of energy assets

Wednesday June 27th 2018|

On June 20, we launched the Abanca Ithium 1001 solution, for the tokenization of energy assets and CO2 emissions from facilities managed from the OTEA platform of EcoMT.


The objective of this project is to reward efficient management from the point of energy demand and sustainability by ensuring the immutability of the collected data.

From GodEnigma, an embedded web application was developed for the OTEA platform, in order to visualize energy consumption in blockChain, with the aim of being able to tokenize the savings in electric consumption of an Abanca branch.

In addition, the IOT module was programmed (in the photo) which, connected directly to the EcoMT network analyzer, captures the electrical consumption readings and stores them in blockChain. This gives the client the assurance that the data could not be manipulated and is immutable as they pass directly to BlockChain.


Soon, we will share technical details of the news.

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