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We collaborate with AustralGroup Participamos como caso de estudio para las escuelas de negocio internacionales 78 / 5000 Resultados de traducción We participate as a case study for international business schools

Monday March 1st 2021|

Through an agreement between AustralGroup and GödEnigma, we began a relationship to raise challenges of strategy, digital marketing, market studies, levels of service or advertising, and communication so that the students of the Most prestigious business schools in the USA, UK, Spain, and Portugal can work on cases close to reality with companies like GodEnigma.

Based on the case study methodology, most of the Business Development Masters (Master Business Administration) and Executive programs or Executive PDA or MsC need for students (usually managers or aspiring managers in companies) to carry out exercises practical sessions on business and business cases to develop the techniques studied in these programs.

From GodEnigma, we see positive that AustralGroup has wanted to partner with us to be able to put in the hands of students, case studies such as GodEnigma, which are related to blockchain technology, distributed networks, and the digitization of companies, both topics very in vogue these days.

For GodEnigma, it is also a way to attract talent to the company and establish contact with other companies and executives that will surely generate positive contacts and relationships throughout AustralGroup's training programs.

We have launched a first challenge or "challenge" to the students related to the marketing strategy and business development of one of the main products of GodEnigma, Ithium ( usign blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology.