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Web launch F-PI H2020

Wednesday September 11th 2019|

GodEnigma, through its partner EcoMT (, actively participates in the Energy Efficiency Financing project with private funds, backed by the European Union H2020 program.

F-PI is a project funded by the European Commission within the framework of the H2020 with the main objective of promoting the development of private investments in energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and self-consumption. Through the actions of this project it is expected to mobilize a total investment of 30 million euros in three years.

After the first months of project acquisition and communication to potential stakeholders, the consortium, formed by Anese, Deloitte, EcoMT and Grupo Ceveró, has published the project website.

This page will collect the relevant information that is generated, as well as the projects and agreements that can be published. As the objectives of the same are achieved, the web will be updated. Objectives that from GodEnigma, we hope and work to make them come true.

For our part, in GodEnigma we work to put at the service of projects that participate and are financed by the private funds of the F-PI, the most advanced distributed registration technology (Distributed Ledger Technology) for the certification of energy consumption, the savings achieved or other relevant data to be traced and certified without intermediation and that can allow and facilitate the project monitoring of the systems put in place and the success of the implemented technologies that lead to an improvement or saving from the point of view of energy consumption.

The web, in addition to serving as an information point, will also be a recipient of companies interested in participating, either with an energy efficiency project as well as funds and financial entities that want to know more fully the control and analysis mechanisms that the consortium puts available to these financial entities.