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Enerxetica 2022- Ithium Cert GodEnigma presents Ithium Cert in the Enerxetica 2022

Tuesday February 1st 2022|

GodEnigma, will be present at the energy fair of Galicia, presenting our solution Ithium Cert, which allows to certify energy consumption and its carbon footprint, renewable energy and Co2 avoided, or energy savings by energy efficiency measures.

Godenigma's Ithium Cert project, based on blockchain technology, has been selected to participate in the Enerxetika 2022 Innovation Show.

This project allows the registration and certification with blockchain technology of the origin of renewable energy generated with self-consumption facilities. It can also certify the CO2 emissions avoided and energy savings.

The Ithium Cert system captures the data from the meters, verifies their origin, compares the emissions with the REE's electricity mix data and records everything in the distributed database developed with Hyperledger technology, generating an energy ledger. Through "smart contracts", it enables hourly, daily and daily certification of renewable energy production or CO2 emissions avoided from any self-consumption installation.

The system involves the "tokenisation" of distributed generation assets in self-consumption and their conversion into a digital asset (Crypto type), so that small generators (individuals and SMEs) can put in value these assets that avoid CO2 emissions and thus facilitate access to sustainable financing.

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